The Most Stunning Hikes in Trinity, Newfoundland

Trinity is a small charming community near Port Rexton in northeastern Newfoundland. It sits on the shores of Trinity Bay, sheltered by Fort Point and Skerwink Head. The hikes in Trinity are well-known for their splendid coastline scenery and the landscapes that leave hikers in awe. I rounded up my favourite top 3 hikes in Trinity for you to discover.

Hiking in Trinity

Although the hikes proposed in this article range from easy to moderate and are considered short hikes of one or two hours, I still recommend that you bring the essential gear and not underestimate the fast-changing weather or the rugged terrain in this part of Newfoundland.

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rock pillars on the coast of Trinity
cliffs and pebble beach near Trinity

#1 Hike in Trinity: Skerwink Trail

This trail is a loop. No matter which way you choose to complete it, you will be rewarded with amazing views. The trail wanders to the end of Skerwink Head and back. The name is derived from “scurwink,” a seabird in much of southern Labrador and large parts of Newfoundland.

On the Trail

Part of the trail is shared with off-road vehicles. It is a broad rocky road for the first kilometre or so. Then you will walk in meadows and open fields until you reach the forested area. After that, the trail narrows considerably and wanders under the canopy of conifers. 

When you get to the fork, you can go left to follow the coast or right for the inland trail, the inland trail is a bit shorter (but not by much), and you will miss all the fantastic lookouts along the way.

I highly recommend taking the left fork, where the trail will gain some elevation and give you glimpses of the far away shore and islands and the high cliffs and crashing waves a hundred feet below. 

Every lookout is quite stunning and leaves any hiker in awe. In addition, you will encounter makeshift stairs and boardwalks to help hikers stay on the trail or hike up steep terrain. 

You come to a sign that warns you of high unstable cliffs. This part is the icing on the cake. As you walk along the high cliffs on the plateau, always be vigilant and prudent, but take in the views of the ocean and the cliffs. They are a spectacle to behold. 

views on the Skerwink Trail in Trinity
Skerwink Trail coastal views

I have been hiking many trails and mountains all over Canada, and this one is at the top of my favourite landscapes. It is so beautiful.

After the cliffs, the trail plunges back into the forest and will bring you down to a pebble beach—the perfect place for a little break by dipping your feet in the water. The rest of the trail is back on the shared road to close the loop and return to the trailhead.

#2 Hike in Trinity: Gun Hill Trail

  • Distance 3 km
  • Elevation gain 80 m
  • Approximate time 1 hour
  • Easy to moderate hike
  • Trailhead near the Historic Trinity Visitor Centre. The parking lot is in front of the centre. The trailhead is at the end of the road towards the water.

Gun Hill Trail is a short hike of 3 kilometres in the historic Trinity village. It is a short hike, but it takes hikers to the top of the hill, where the views are magnificent.

The trail is separated into two paths: the upper and lower levels. The lower level trail wanders on Gun Hill, just behind the town. Interpretive signs along the way and at the lookout provide some historical and geological information about the trail, Trinity and the hill where you are standing.

The upper level trail brings you to the top of the hill to the lookout above the historic town of Trinity. The hill was first named Rider Hill after a sailmaker that used to hike up to the summit every Sunday when the weather permitted.

Rider Hill was eventually renamed Gun Hill when old guns and cannons were found on the hill in the early 1800s.

The view from the summit lets you admire the town below, Fort Point, with its lighthouse and the cliffs of Skerwink Head in the distance. Although, fog can often obstruct the view, and the Fort Point fog horn is often busy.

the view of History Trinity from the summit of Gun Hill
Town of Trinity below and Fort Point Lighthouse in the fog

#3 Hike in Trinity: Fox Island Trail 

The trail wanders through short patches of wood and primarily meadows that let you enjoy the surrounding landscapes. You can contemplate the hills and cliffs of Skerwink Head and Trinity on the opposite shore with Gun Hill in the background.

On the Trail

From meadows and open fields to pebble beaches, the changing scenery is impressive, and the views are stunning. From ocean to cliffs and coves and the blue waters and of course Fox Island, this trail has changing landscapes in little distance.

Near the end of the point, Fox Island comes into view. It is a stunning sight as its shape is particular and it breathes untouched nature and wildlife. Although, an archeological dig did find evidence of human presence around the time of Queen Ann’s war in the early 1700s, such as a parapet wall and bastions.

hiker on a dirt trail in a meadow on the shore of the ocean near Trinity
Fox Island seen from the trail

Champney’s West

The trail will bring you through Champney’s West, a small but charming fishing community with colourful houses and a dock. The water is so clear you can see right to the bottom.

A local will surely be pleased to discuss the history of the community and the landscape you can see around town. Champney’s West has some 40 inhabitants, and the population drops by half in the winter. But to no surprise, the charms of this little community are apparent!

Colourful fishermen's houses in Champney's West Newfoundland

Once through the community, the trail plunges back through trees and fields to eventually return to the trailhead after crossing the street and heading back to the parking lot.

Those three incredible hikes in Trinity are at the top of my favourite hikes on the island. But there is no shortage of stunning landscapes in Newfoundland for one who dares to explore the rugged coastline or the untamed nature of the province.

After these amazing adventures in Trinity, we made our way around the island for an incredible road trip to Newfoundland. Read all about it here.

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  1. I love a good, scenic hike. These Trinity hikes look breathtakingly beautiful! I wish I lived closer to try them out. Maybe some day. ☺️

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