Hiking Twillingate Islands Coastal Trails

While on a road trip through Newfoundland and Labrador, we stopped in Twillingate and enjoyed some time on the Twillingate Islands Coastal Trails. The hiking trails in Twillingate offer superb views of the rocky cliffs and the neverending blue ocean. The trails are easy and can be enjoyed by hikers of all levels. So put on your hiking shoes and walk the best hiking trails Twillingate, Newfoundland has to offer!

Where is Twillingate?

Twillingate is a town on Twillingate Islands off the northeastern coast of Newfoundland in Canada’s Newfoundland and Labrador.

Twillingate is 5 hours (440 km) north of St. John’s and only an hour and a half (115 km) north of Gander.

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hiking trails in Twillingate Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador
Sentiers de randonnée à Twillingate, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador

Why visit Twillingate?

Twillingate Islands are often referred to as the Iceberg Capital. During spring or early summer, icebergs make their way south as they melt passing by the coast of Twillingate. Apart from the impressive iceberg sightings, Twillingate also has fantastic hiking coastal trails with stunning views of the coast, most trails being perfect places to catch whales playing in the ocean.

View of Crow Head from Twillingate hiking trail

Twillingate Islands Coastal Hiking Trails

Lower Head Loop from Sleepy Cove

This hiking trail in Twillingate starts from the Sleepy Cove parking lot in Crow Head. Make your way up the hill towards the few flights of stairs you can see from the start. Be careful; some parts are missing handrails. They are steep, but they will bring you to the top. 

For the next kilometre after this, you follow the ridge in a forested area that smells like pine and fir but with several clearings where the view opens up, and you can get a glimpse at the ocean and the islands from afar. 

Once at the edge of the point, you can see the village of Crow Head and the rocky cliffs with the infinite blue waters. The trail then brings you down and back to the parking lot. This last part is more like an off-road trail for 4-wheelers in an open field, and I would probably just head back the same way as an out-and-back next time I hike this trail. 

Lower Head Hiking Trail in Twinllingate Newfoundland

Nanny’s Hole Loop from Sleepy Cove

  • Distance: 2.5 km
  • Approximate time: 1 hour
  • Easy Hike
  • Trailhead: Sleepy Cove

Before heading up this trail on Twillingate Islands, spend some time in Sleepy Cove, where the water is clear, calm, and protected from the wind. Then make your way up the path from the cove. 

Enjoying the view in Sleepy Cove on Twillingate Island Hiking Trails

There are numerous paths for hikers going in different directions. However, they all lead to the same place. Some side trails will bring you to the top of cliffs for a lookout over the ocean. Here again, hikers often see whales swimming down below. 

When you make the loop clockwise, the trail to Nanny’s Hole follows the ridge with fantastic ocean lookouts. Once at the point, it returns through a wooded area where you are sheltered from the wind back to Sleepy Cove. On your way back to the cove, you will notice a side trail going left that brings hikers to the lighthouse. Hikers have the option to reach the trail from the Lighthouse.

Nanny's Hole Trail on Twillingate Islands

Devil’s Cove and Horney Head Cove to Cuckold Point from Long Point Lighthouse

This hiking trail in Twillingate is out-and-back, but some hikers will hike it in a loop. The loop will add distance; the last stretch is on the road to the lighthouse. 

You will see well-worn paths on the ground to the right of the lighthouse. Look for the sign that points you toward Devil’s Cove, Horney Head Cove and Cuckold Point. 

The first part of the trail descends towards Devil’s Cove in a forested area, mainly conifers. The path is steep, and soon you will find yourself just above the cove. The trail then rises on the other side of the cove to bring you to the top of the hill. 

Once at the point, the views are stunning, looking out to multiple islands, rocky shores and cliffs. The town of Twillingate is in the distance. Depending on the time of year, this is an iceberg alley, and you might be lucky to encounter one. 

When you get to Cuckold Point, you can either turn back and return the same way or continue on the trail that eventually reaches the road to the lighthouse. However, you will have to walk up the road for close to 2 kilometres making the loop 6 kilometres. 

Twillingate Islands Coastal Trails from Long Point Lighthouse

Combining the 3 Twillingate Islands Coastal Trails

There is the possibility of a loop of 9 kilometres combining all three Twillingate Islands Coastal Trails. I suggest parking at the lighthouse and making the loop clockwise, starting with Devil’s Cove and Horney Head Cove, then crossing the road to reach the Sleepy Cove area hiking the Lower Head cove and finishing with Nanny’s Hole back to the lighthouse.

Don’t Miss

Spillers Cove and the French Beach Trail

This is one of the top hiking trails in Twillingate. The views from the trail, the beach and the cove are breathtaking. Every bend brings another stunning sight! The trail is rated moderate, and appropriate hiking shoes are recommended. Most of the trail is a well-worn path of either packed dirt or loose rocks.

The trail follows the coast around the point for four kilometres. This is a perfect place for whale watching. So keep an eye out on the ocean! The last kilometre cuts across to bring hikers back to the trailhead.

These hiking adventures in Twillingate are worth the visit to the charming islands. The possibilities for more adventures in Newfoundland are endless.

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