Mont Gosford

Guide to Hiking Mont Gosford

Hiking Mont Gosford is certainly a must-do for hikers. A whole trail system wanders through the forested area of the White Mountains in Southern Quebec. Part of those hiking trails follows the Canadian and American border from summits to summits. They bear their name well, as they are called the Border Trails, numbered from 1 to 8. The hiking trails to Mont Gosford are, by far, the most popular of those trails.

Mont Gosford is the highest peak in Southern Quebec. It is the 7th highest in the province, its summit standing at 1193 meters. The mountain belongs to the White Mountains that spread to Maine and New Hampshire, all part of the Appalachians. 

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lookout to the hills of trees with fall colours from the mont Gosford
vue des monts et de la forêt en autonme à partir du mont Gosford

Where is Mont Gosford?

Mont Gosford is part of the Eastern Townships in Quebec. The mountain is a few minutes’ drive south of Woburn, Quebec, very close to the American border. It is approximately 250 kilometres east of Montreal.

The Trail to Mont Gosford

Many hiking trails lead to Mont Gosford’s summit, mostly a mix and match of border trails 1, 6, 7, and 8. Each combination is moderate to demanding and ranges from 5 to 30 kilometres. I chose to hike Mont Gosford from parking #3 on trails 6 and 8. Using these trails, hikers can reach the summit in 4,5 kilometres.

  • distance: 9 kilometres
  • elevation gain: 600 meters
  • altitude: 1193 meters
  • estimated time: 4 hours

Dogs are allowed on the trails but they must be on a leash.

The trail to the summit of mont Gosford is a challenging hike and it is not recommended for child

Planning the hike to mont Gosford

As the summit of this popular mountain stands above one thousand meters, you can feel the difference in temperature as you get higher. Make sure to dress up in layers and have appropriate clothing to keep warm once at the top. Of course, plenty of water and snacks are also a must. 

You can head to my essential hiking gear list for a complete list of the items I usually carry in my pack on a hike such as this one.

Trail Access

You will need a day permit to hike Mont Gosford. The Mont Gosford Website has more information on the access fees and day permits. It is possible to buy your access at the reception center. If the waiting line is long, as is often the case on beautiful summer or fall days, you can also choose self-registration. 

Once you have your permit, you can drive another 4 km from the reception centre to the trailhead at parking #3. Parking is limited, and I would suggest heading out early. Some hikers will leave the vehicle at the reception center, where plenty of parking space is available, and hike from there. This would add about 6 km to the itinerary.

Hiking Mont Gosford via SF6 and SF8

On the Trail

Border trail 6 (SF-6) wanders through a mixed forest with constant elevation. After a little over two kilometres, you will come to an intersection and turn right on the SF-8 trail, which you will follow for a little over two kilometres to the top. 

Trailhead sign for the Mont Gosford Hike
rocky hiking trail bordered by trees to Mont Gosford
Sparse trees close to the summit on the hiking trails on Mont Gosford

The climb is gradual, and the landscape changes as you get higher. The deciduous trees give way to conifers, where green moss covers the ground. 

Eventually, the trail will change to a rocky path bordered by small scattered conifers. This means you are close to the summit.

The Summit

The summit offers an exceptional view of the White Mountains and the Appalachian Range. On all sides appear mountains and forests. Amazing all year round, the view is incredibly stunning with the changing colours in the fall.

summit pole on mont Gosford
Views of the White Mountains from the summit of Mont Gosford
View of lac Mégantic from the summit of Mont Gosford
Lac Mégantic

An observation tower allows you to admire the surroundings with a 360-degree view. Then, after a well-deserved snack and many pictures, it’s time to hit the trail again for the descent, or you might want to continue on your way to the Little Gosford summit. 

Little Gosford is one kilometre from his big brother. It stands at an altitude of 1100 meters. If you wish to reach its summit, you will use the SF-1 from Mont Gosford. Don’t expect the same views as the ones you enjoyed on your hike to Mont Gosford, or you will be disappointed.

More Trail Options to the Summit

  • from the reception center, SF-1 out-and-back 20 km
  • starting at the reception center, SF-1-6-8 out-and-back 15 km
  • beginning at parking #3, SF-6-8-1 loop 14 km
  • from parking #1, SF-1 out-and-back 8 km

You can check out those options on this map of the hiking trails around Mont Gosford.

On the summit on the Mont Gosfor Hike

Camping near Mont Gosford

There are a few options when it comes to camping near Mont Gosford.

The closest campground is in the Gosford section of the ZEC Louise-Gosford. The ZEC offers backcountry campsites on a first-come, first-served basis.

Camping Kassyopée is approximately 30 minutes from Mont Gosford Nature Reserve. It offers campsites for all types of equipment but without service. You can make reservations online.

If you need a campsite with service, I recommend Camping de Piopolis. Contact and reservation information here. This campground is approximately 25 minutes from the Mont Gosford Nature Reserve.

More Summit Hikes near Mont Gosford

The border trails in Southern Quebec offer multiple hiking experiences for adventurers. Whether you choose to hike Mont Gosford or any other summits along those trails, you will surely appreciate the fantastic views of the vast Appalachians. Marble and Saddle Mountains offer similar views while hiking on the border trails.

The province of Quebec has numerous regions full of hiking adventures. Among the best are Charlevoix’s countless summit hiking opportunities north of the Eastern Townships across the St. Lawrence River.


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