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Fun Things to Do in Percé, Quebec

This small tourist destination in Gaspésie, Québec, is full of charm. Activities are plenty for the thousands of tourists that visit Percé every year. Whether you travel with kids or spend a rainy day in Percé, you will find something to do. From where to eat and what to see, here are the best things to do in Percé, Quebec. 

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Pin for Fun things to do in Percé with the percé rock
Le roché percé, la chute de la grotte et le belvédère des fous de bassan

How to get to Percé, Quebec

Percé is located in the Gaspe Peninsula in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in eastern Quebec. It is part of the Canadian Maritimes. Highway 132 will bring you to Percé as it circles the Gaspe Peninsula. 

A road trip to Percé from Montreal is approximately 950 kilometres or a 10-hour drive. 

A bit of history

Percé is mainly known for its famous rock, translated to the pierced rock – a massive boulder with a hole forming an arch and standing tall in the sea. The Percé Rock stands 433 metres long, 90 metres wide, and 88 metres high. The steep rock faces and the sheer size of the rock are impressive. 

The rock used to have two arches; one collapsed in June 1845, leaving the remaining arch 15 meters high.

Rocher Percé is a big rock stack with an arch and a pillar in the  Gulf of St Lawrence

Things to do in Percé with kids or among adults


The Géoparc de Percé offers many activities, from hiking to the suspended glass viewing platform, ziplining and guided hikes. For the young and the old, there is something for everyone. 

Géoparc de Percé main entrance building

Boat tour 

A visit is not complete without a boat tour to see the Percé Rock up close and the Bonaventure Island with the impressive gannet colony. 

Whether you book tickets with the Bateliers de Percé or Julien Cloutier Tours, both will bring you around the Percé Rock and the island. You can get off the boat and spend some time on the island to see the gannet colony up close. No reservations are required; you can buy your tickets on-site. 

Tourists on the boat see the Percé Rock with its arch up close in Gaspésie, Québec.
observation tower with the gannet colony at its base and gannets flying above on Bonaventure Island

Aerial Park 

Les Folies boréales is an aerial park with both adult and children courses. They also offer reverse bungee jumping and a night aerial course from tree to tree with a headlamp.


  • The busier Anse du Sud Pebble Beach has a boardwalk along many tourist attractions.
  • The quieter but just as pleasant Anse du Nord Beach

*Note that there is no lifeguard on duty at either beach.

Lighthouse Cap Blanc

Have a picnic by the lighthouse with a fantastic view of the sea and Bonaventure Island.

Parc des loups marins

This outdoor playground will amuse children for hours.  

Boardwalk La Grave

Take a walk on the shore of the sea with Percé Rock in full view.

buidldings of Percé along the boardwalk
credit: Chantal Desjardins Vachon

Sweet Treats

  • Aux Glaces de l’Anse ice cream shop
  • Choco-Latée chocolate factory

Things to Do in Percé when it’s Raining


While you wander the souvenir shops on the main street, don’t forget to stop by Espace Wazo for their beautiful and unique jewelry and Poussière d’étoile for their homemade soap.

Art Galleries and museums

See the beautiful art of local artists, past and present or learn about local history and geology through the museums’ exhibitions.

  • Mourad Fouad Art Gallery
  • Mylène Henry Art Gallery
  • Percégraphie
  • La Promeneuse d’oiseaux et cie
  • Le Chafaud Museum
  • Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock Discovery Center 
  • 1928 Authentic Historical General Store

Local Distillery and Brewery

  • La société secrète Distillery
  • Pit Caribou Pub
  • Auval Co. Brewery
white dilapidated facade of Pub Pit Caribou Restaurant

Health and well-being

More Outdoor Adventures and things to do in Percé


Emerald Falls and River Trail is a moderate 9-kilometre out-and-back hike with beautiful falls at the turn-around point. Some hikers take a dip in the river before returning to the trailhead. 

La Grotte de Percé is a cave and falls at the end of a 200-metre hike behind the church. Here, too, hikers like to take a dip in the refreshing water of the falls.

water cascading down the rocks in The Grotte
credit: Chantal Desjardins Vachon

Mont St-Anne and the lookouts trail is a moderate 7-kilometre loop with numerous lookouts over Percé Rock and the infinite sea. This adventure includes impressive features and rock formations, including the Magic Forest loop and the Bottomless Hole.

Twisted trees and moss-covered ground in the Magic Forest, sur le sentier de la forêt magique.
credit: Chantal Desjardins Vachon
Twisted trees and moss-covered ground in the Magic Forest, sur le sentier de la forêt magique.
credit: Chantal Desjardins Vachon

Cap Mont-Joli is accessible by the Anse du Nord Beach. There is a fee to access the hill, but it is well worth the close view of the impressive Percé Rock.

Mont St-Anne and the viewing platform above the town of Percé
Mount St-Anne behind Percé
Cap Joli and Percé Rock
Cape Joli and the Percé Rock

If you plan on spending time on the trails while in Percé, make sure to have all the essential hiking gear to thoroughly enjoy your hike.

Pic de l’aurore 

This lookout is a perfect spot for perfect pictures. 


Kayaks and SUP are available to rent, and guided tours will bring you to beautiful vistas on the water. See Avolo Plein Air for sea kayaking experiences or Camp de base Gaspésie for sea kayaking or SUP adventures.

Scuba diving and snorkelling

Club nautique de Percé will guide you to some of Quebec’s most beautiful diving sites. It offers an introduction to scuba diving, guided snorkelling and zodiac boat transportation for certified divers.

For water activities in Percé, check out the tide schedule before heading out.

Best Restaurants in Percé

For a real taste of Percé and the coast

  • La maison du pêcheur 
  • La Boîte à fruits de mer
  • Paqbo
  • La maison Mathilde

For a quick bite or coffee and tea

  • Boulangerie Le Fournand
  • Le Café des couleurs
  • Tempête Café

Parking in Percé

This charming town gets very busy with tourists during the summer months. Parking is always a concern. Three municipal parking lots in Percé allow you to park for the day for a fee. They are close to most attractions and within walking distance of the town centre. 

  • 14 Rue Blard
  • 8 Rue Mont Joli
  • 199 Rte 132

So whether it is a sunny day or it is raining, this list of things to do in Percé will keep kids and adults enjoying this charming town for a wonderful stay.

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