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Phenomenal Hiking on Roche Miette

Roche Miette is a scrambler’s favourite destination in Jasper National Park. The mountain is named after a traveller who decided to climb the big rock on a dare. This sensational hike on a steep path features breathtaking landscapes. Hiking to the summit of Roche Miette will remain a remarkable accomplishment. Here is what you need to know before adventuring on this beautiful mountain. 

About the trail to the summit of Roche Miette

Roche Miette Trail information

From forest to meadows to loose scree, this challenging trail is not for the faint of heart. A moderate to difficult scramble is involved in the last section of the trail. A helmet is recommended as rockfalls are common and even frequent, especially when there are hikers above.

The mountain is found not far from the small tourist town of Jasper in Alberta, about 40 kilometres east on the Yellowhead Highway towards Edmonton. You can park along the highway at the entrance of an access road on the south side of the road; this is where the trail begins.

Before venturing on this mountain, make sure you have the appropriate gear. This is a full-day hike.

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Trail Guide to Roche Miette's Summit
épingle du guide de randonnée au sommet de Roche Miette

Hiking to the summit of Roche Miette

The Approach

The trail starts on the access road where you park. After about one kilometre of walking on the old gravel access road, the path makes a sharp right turn when it seems like you’ve hit the end of the access road.  The trail winds its way through a dense forest toward the peak.

The path is not always obvious, and it is convenient to have a GPS map handy. Little by little, the trees become sparse, and the forest gives way to scree.

You might enjoy several breaks to catch your breath as you climb the gullies carved on the mountainside. The loose scree will make the ascent slower. But, once you reach the ridge, the views are spectacular… and so is the wind.

The trail continues on the ridge for a bit as you enjoy the view of the Athabasca River and the mountains in the distance. You soon reach a clearing dotted with conifers. A lunch break is in order here. The last stretch to the top is visible and rises in front of you, impressive and imposing.

Views from the hiking trail of Roche Miette
hikers scrambling up Roche Miette

The Scramble

It is, therefore, mainly on all fours that you will begin your ascent on this steep rock. You might have to hide behind giant boulders to avoid the falling rocks loosened by hikers higher up. Stones roll down at alarming speed. This is why some recommend a helmet.

steep descent from the mountain

This part of the climb is slow as most hikers will constantly question the best route. The rocks are unstable and threaten to take us with them as they roll down the mountain. Little pink ribbons have been tied to small cairns to indicate a good route, though few options are available.

The Summit

After a few hours of climbing, you will finally walk on the plateau at the top of this beautiful mountain. Small shrubs here and there, and lichen cover the rock. From all sides, the views are breathtaking.

View from Roche Miette's summit
Athabasca River and valley in the distance
The view from the summit of Roche Miette

The Descent

The descent is back the same way, but it is much faster. The side of the mountain is perfect for practicing scree running. You can let yourself slide on the rocks and pebbles, heels deep in.

You will soon find yourself in the meadow again. Don’t forget to turn back and look up at the peak of this magnificent and frightening mountain. 

A must for climbers in the region!

Roche Miette behind the trees and meadow at its feet

I attacked Roche Miette with confidence and finished with pride! A beautiful mountain with wonderful views the whole way!

-Adventuresome Jo

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